~ Unseen Scars ~

I have scars all over my body
But they're the kind you cannot see
They're scars from unkind words
And scars from thoughtless deeds.

I bleed internally from just a sneer
It pierces right through my heart
Another scar strategically placed
Delivered with precision and art.

A lot are painful and ooze within
You don't see the hurt you've inflicted
Unaware of the damage you have done
These scars have kept me constricted.

Still I search and search for the salve
That will heal my open wounds
All it takes is a kind word and a heart
To free me from this scarred cocoon.

The hurt and pain I'll keep within
But it's beginning to take it's toll
Be kind and loving with your words
Enter Heaven with an unscarred soul.


Chee Chee Martin 2006

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