~ Unspoken Secrets ~

There are so many words unspoken
Things that we may never say
For fear misunderstanding
May turn a treasured friend away

We know we have to be so very careful
To pause and think before we speak
But even then, we cannot know
What words will trick or treat

Our sense of humor may confuse
Or touch a tender nerve
And we can put our foot in it
A tender soul to burn

We may think we love too little
Then for another care too much
And we wonder what is the hidden secret
To find that perfect touch

Can we end up being too paranoid
And push a friend away by fear
When really all we want
Is to keep someone more near

As time goes by we begin to learn
There is no way to know
Who can understand a heart
But there is somewhere we can go

For wisdom, if we walk with the Lord
And live in His life each day
He will make our heart secure
Within His loving way

Then to give unto another
Won't cause us so much hurt
Knowing we have given God our best
The Lord takes care of all the rest


Soft Prayerful Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

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