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~ Untrue Hearts ~

A love not worthy or true
gives freely to others and you ...
It's a play on your heart,
and will tear you apart.

Lies and deceit play a game
without honor or shame...
Hearts are only trophies
taken for their ego to please.
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Through life they sneak
with hearts untrue and weak,
Giving love to you
with feelings untrue.

At times pain cuts like a knife
almost destroying your life...
But untrue hearts feel no pain
for you are only another gain.
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Always looking for new hearts to keep,
leaving others behind to weep ...
It's all a game to them
fleeting moments given to whims.

Which will you choose?
Who will lose?
For in the final end ...
no one really wins.

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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