~ Upon The Garden Swing ~

We sat together on the swing today
The softest quilt upon our knee,
It was very lovely nestled there
Underneath the old oak tree.

With pretty flowers blooming at our feet,
We reminisced about so many things,
And pondered long on what tomorrow holds
But then, we couldn't want for more.

So there we rested, e'er content
Just so thankful to the Lord,
For all the beauty that He gives
Every blessing evermore.

Quietly, you reached to basket up a posy
Each depicting love you would convey,
Then suddenly, you kissed me 'pon the cheek
And up and whisked away.

I sat there, oh, the longest while
Your fragrance soft upon the air,
Then so very gently gathered up your basket
To take you with me everywhere.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems July 2009

Every moment,
you come to touch me with God's goodness
that streams into our world.
in the dawning of each day
He so lovingly unfurls.....


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