~ I Have A Very Special Friend-Jesus ~

I have a very special friend named Jesus
If I am in trouble all I have to do is call
I can call Him anytime
When I cry, I hurt most of all
Jesus washes away my tears,
Than I climb up on His knee

He is The Kings of Kings
Yet He always makes time for me
At night He tells me stories
I delight to hear Him speak
His voice above is like the angels
I feel blessed to know His love

I think of His mother Mary
So much suffering she saw
When Jesus gave us eternity
With so mush love, for all

I have a very special friend named Jesus
who carries a lamb upon His shoulder
At His supper, we give thanks Jesus gave us
His body and His blood-
What a great Master we have,
how He fills us with His joy and love.

Linda A Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Jesus is the Shepherd
Guess who I am
Such a lovely secret
I'm His little lamb

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Painting by Kathryn Fincher