~ Very Special People ~

I've seen people shun and walk away
From special people with a special need,
They perceive them differently...
What a joy they would find if only they gave heed
To their angelic innocence,
Their  congeniality...
These special angels, God did make,
Who teach us about love in their one-of-a-kind way;
They fail, they succeed,
 They run and fall, they play...
 These angels of God with a special need...
Who change our lives forever in an unforeseen way.
What a blessing to know people such as these.
Asking nothing in return, they kiss our cheek,
They squeeze our hand...
Their world is their world...where we can shed light,
This world where there is little hope and everything seems bleak,
And nothing feels right.
They're here on earth but a moment in time,
And then they're gone leaving us behind;
They depart.
With a wink of the eye, and a nod,
They're gone leaving us with a hole in our heart,
They're at peace,
They're with God.
 We are left with sweet memories to fill that void,
Memories to fill the vacancy where they once trod.
Life continues on, in some degree or another;
But with sadness we are faced
Knowing that one singular, special person
With a special need, can never be replaced.
Tabled moments stored while we are apart,
Moments always treasured...
Absent in body...
But close to our heart.

Sandra Jean Hall
January 13, 2004

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