~ Waiting ~

If it seems to be a long journey home
each day feeling so alone
the moments, never ending
longing just to know
a peace you can own..
cry now, then wait, for all that is new

If the road seems too hard
the night very dark
the trees in the wind, forever stark
and The Father far from you
day after day...
stop just for now, wait, for what will renew

If you feel too much has gone wrong
your heart cannot belong
you have lost your song
the children are all gone
there is nothing now to do...
wait for a promise, for all that is new

If things you have planned
are coming undone
and all seems askew
Do not worry yet, God has a plan
He will unveil...
ask, as you wait, your heart He'll renew

If you have wandered too far
forgotten His word to you,
wishing you had stayed
for life now seems frayed
Don't be afraid, bend now and pray...
sit still and wait, He will renew

If you have sought for the answers
but the heavens seem too quiet
you don't know what to do
Do not move ahead
seek His will upon your bed...
rest, wait, until you are renewed

Beginning anew is what He can do
Within your mind is where it is true
God waits for you, all will be well
There is nothing, no never, that He cannot do

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Both laughter and weeping cleanse us.
They bring closure to an experience.
They make possible our letting go.
And we must let go of pain, as well as
joy, to ready ourselves for the next
blessing life offers us.

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midi...M'Lila's Song from Xena: Warrior Princess
music by Joseph LoDuca
This sequence is Copyright 1997 by Ryan Black


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