All The hustle and the bustle
As they go from room to room
As I sit here waiting patiently
Past me they go with a zoom.

Oh please hurry dear and get here
For your appointment don't be late
But then they put me in a cold room
And for the doctor I wait and I wait.

There is nothing here for me to read
So I count all the spots upon the wall
I know every little crack and crevice
Oh gee friend, I must be having a ball.

Yes it is always hurry up and rush
We must try for our exam not be late
It seems like the receptionist there
Makes all appointments on the same date.

Yes isn't it just grand to go see the doc
They stick you in this smelly cold room
Oh if it were not for my office visits
My whole life would be filled with gloom.

Sandy Edwards 2005


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