~ Walking A Fine Line ~

My tears are starting to dry up
But they've left traces on my face
Leaving so many marks of sorrow
And a heart that continually aches.

Trying to remember the pleasant times
But they're buried deep inside my brain
Sorrow keeps coming to the forefront
A tug of war - it seems like a game.

Sadness has darkened my door
When will my heart ever mend?
So many disconnected thoughts
Making it difficult to comprehend.

The loss of a loved one has broken my heart
An ocean of tears I seem to have cried
Wondering if I can continue on
It's just space I seem to occupy.

Although my tears are fewer now
It doesn't mean I'm doing fine
I'm just going through the motions
I'm walking that fine line.

Each day seems to go by quickly
Twenty-four hours in the blink of an eye
Shadows representing events of the day
Trying to sort them out and clarify.

I pray time will heal my broken heart
And pleasant memories I will recall
But each memory is encased in a teardrop
As I wait for the other shoe to fall.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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