~ Warriors Of The Flame ~

I hear the fire bell ringing-
As though calling out my name,
I scramble into boots and gear,
A Warrior of the Flame…

Our engine starts a-rollin’ now
And my heart is beating fast-
I bow my head and say a prayer,
As pumpers are dispatched.

We really need your guidance, Lord,
With every step and turn
Even though we walk through fire-
I pray we’ll not be burned.

Be a shield around this crew,
Surround us-- this I ask,
Let’s knock this down together God,
Be with us in this task-

Help us find each beating heart
That’s hidden in the haze
Be our eyes and be our ears
As we battle through this blaze…

Give us strength to fight the fight
Til all embers have been tamed-
Then we’ll roll our hose and head ‘er home,
We Warriors of the Flame…

Sharon Frye © 2006

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