~ A Warrior Spirit Speaks ~

Today a warrior's spirit took the silent Spirit Walk
He crossed over and now talks the silent spirit talk.

I went to Sacred Fire for him to say a prayer
His voice came to my heart his words loud and clear.

My brother shed not a tear I'm in honored company
There are warrior's here as far as the eye can see.

Here are all of our brother's from back in history
Yes all who sacrificed on land, in air and on the sea.

I grew old and tired I could barely walk, let alone run
I lived on dreams of days I could run from sun to sun.

I would sit for hours remembering the war trails we walked
Of the countless hours you and I sat and talked.

My heart would grow heavy as once again I felt the pain
Of losing many brother's storming a hill in Monsoon rain.

Those brother's were my escort as I crossed God's tranquil sea
I cannot tell you how good it felt to see them walking again with me.

You are now the last of the team to remain this is true
That is because God has other things he wants you to do.

But when you are called to cross God's tranquil sea
There you'll reunite with your family

And my brother, your guard of honor will be
Your brother's from Scout/Sniper Team Three.

Ernie Smiling Hawk
2004 used with permission

It was my greatest honor to serve with
and lead the brave young men of Team three
May they rest in the honored glory they earned many years ago.




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