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~ Was It A Dream? ~

I had a terrifying dream last night
The end of the world, oh what sight.
Fire was falling out of the sky,
My unsaved soul started to cry.

The Lord split the Heavens open wide,
There was no place for me to hide.
Judgment Day had come at last,
Scenes flashed before me, of my past.

I could see Jesus looking at me,
Tears in His eyes was all I could see.
I cried out for mercy, but He turned His head,
He never even heard a word I said.


I looked and saw satan coming my way
I just dropped to my knees and started to pray.
Lord I know my life's been a mess,
I could've done more but instead I'd done less.

I never read the Bible or spent time on my knees,
So why should You now hear my pleas.
I just didn't know what to do,
That is why I never turned to you.

How could you have mercy on someone like me
I am as worthless as worthless can be.
I deserve to be sent to Hell down below,
But please let me talk to you, before I go.
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I wasn't raised in a home full of love,
I wasn't taught about the Savior above.
I came to know you much later in life,
Amid all my trials, tribulations, and strife.

I've struggled each day to learn how to live,
To try and love others and how to forgive.
I've tried to live more accordingly every day
Although I've been abused in such horrible ways.
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I've never felt love because of the pain,
Instead of the sunshine, I've lived in the rain.
Forgive me Father, as you have asked me to do,
I do forgive others for what I've gone through.

One thing though I know I'm not guilty of
I never doubted you or your love.
I knew from the moment I read what the Bible said,
You were the Son God raised from the dead.

You died on that cross at Mt. Calvary,
To save sinners, just like me.
You shed your blood for my sin,
Like you said, you've returned again.


It was then I saw Jesus turn and look at me
And old Satan disappeared instantly.
Jesus said, "You found the way,
You repented and asked for forgiveness today."

Jesus smiled and opened His arms wide,
He said welcome Home as He took me inside.
I have never seen such a beautiful sight,
As I was welcomed into the light.

Suddenly I woke, in my own bed,
But I remember what Jesus said.
I'll give you time, but don't hesitate,
Fall on your knees before it's too late!!

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Brenda D. King 2005

Dedicated to a world full of People.
God gives us choices.
Please choose the right one!!
God Bless You.

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