~*~ Watchful Eyes ~*~

~ Watchful Eyes ~

Eyes piercing through the night
It's so dark I can barely see
I slowly turn my head to look
And my dog is staring back at me.

My heart starts to skip a beat
As I start to stir about
"Go to sleep and close your eyes!
You're starting to freak me out!"

But he just sits there and blinks his eyes
As if to say, "No Way!
I'm not tired, how could you be?
While you were gone, I slept all day!"

So I roll over and close my eyes
But I feel him staring at me
Try as I might to fall back asleep
He's not going to let me be.

So I decided to get out of bed
Walk over and turn on the light
My dog continues to stare at me
Determined I won't leave his sight.

"Okay", I say, "You win!
Do you want to go for a walk?"
Hopefully this will make him tired
I sure wish that he could talk.

Here it is late at night
And I'm out walking my dog
Lots of insects seem to be awake
I even hear the croaking of frogs!

We're back home safe 'n' sound
Finally I crawl back into bed
My dog curls up beside me
A good night's sleep I know is ahead.

But I lay there with my eyes wide open
My muscles have started to ache
My dog is sleeping soundly
As I lay here wide awake!

 Chee Chee Martin © 2007
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