~  We Can Smell The Roses  ~

We are as lovely li'l roses, you and I,
Blooming in the sunshine
Sharing the divine,
growing in the goodness
forever yours and mine,
As branches from the heart
of the one who gives us friends
the best that He can find

Roses here, we're watered
in all He would impart
leaning upward to the warmth,
swaying in the wind,
open to the loveliness,
He loves to pour within

Oh, we are of His garden,
together you and I, we know
we stopped to smell the fragrance
so very long ago,
Together now to bloom
in our friendship for all time,
entwined to ever be, in forever love
never more alone

Soft rosey whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

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midi...A Rose Is A Rose


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