~ A Weeping World ~

The rain beats a quick tempo on the window,
As drop by drop it falls from the sky.
It brushes past the trees and bushes,
While it creeps along the ground to lie.

The wind carries the rivulets along,
On the earth where it sinks so deep.
A willow tree bends slightly o'er the crevices,
As if drooping in sorrow to weep.

The thunderous storm slowly passes by,
Raindrops hesitate in a dance so slow.
Clearly the sky is becoming lighter,
Though the wind does unwearily blow.

Gently a huge rainbow streaks across the sky,
It's cheerful colors makes one smile.
Birds begin their flights once more,
As scampering squirrels make life worthwhile.

The sun shines brightly over the streets,
As children play in the neighborhood park.
The world has changed and looks just right,
Even the dogs, running along, stop to bark.

Truly this life can change for the better,
As God casts His mercy and forgiveness on all.
Let the Son of God in, forget the ill will,
Life is precious, especially after the rainfall.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 5/15/07

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midi...Rainy Forest
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