~ The Welcome Mat ~

The welcome mat was out
And floors were waxed to shine
But the footsteps cross the floor
Weren't welcome at this time…

There were flowers in the vase
That were poked this way and that-
For those who might just step
Across the Welcome Mat…

But begging fingers fumbled
And knocked upon the door,
And grubby footsteps shuffled
Their mark across the floor…

“Find some beans and cornbread
And show these urchins out,
Before my “guests” arrive!
Came a haughty shout….

Then shabby rags turned golden
And wings began to spread
And urchins became angels
With a glow around their head---

Be kind to friends you know,
But welcome strangers too—
For each will be a blessing…
That comes to welcome you!


Sharon Frye © 2007

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