~ We Pray For You A Miracle ~

Today, for you, we join together
As one in spirit, one in heart
To seek for you the blessing
That God alone imparts

We pray for you a miracle
A miracle of grace
For all the wonder God has planned
In His love for you today

We love our dearest friend so much
For our hearts you have inspired
To show God's glory to the world
The joy that you desire

We pray for you a warming glow
Of peace to form within,
A very special touch of heaven
To crown you like a queen

A special calling, glimpse
Of God's love for you this day,
Beaming rays of hope for you..
His beauty to display

In Him completely formed forever..
Your inner spirit, soul
Cradled in His hand, His heart..
In Him completely whole

You are delightful, chosen,
He will lift you every step..
Every minute He is leading you
In perfect radiance..

You are safely wrapped in perfect love.
May every fear depart..
Every need He's met already
For your very precious heart..

Love and prayers from
your forever friends

Soft prayerful whispers for you Yolie from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

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