Were You Ever So Lonely

Did you ever sit in a room
Filled with folks all around,
Still you felt oh, so lonesome
No solace for you could be found?

You had not a friend in the world
Is what your mind, kept telling you
But the greatest friend of all
Was reaching out to you.

His hands were strong yet nail scarred
His arms were so nice and warm
He'd picked you out of your lonely state
To protect you from all harm

Yet still your vision was clouded
As you clung to your pitiful self
Feeling the pain in your heart
this cruel world had dealt

Then suddenly without warning
A still small voice I heard
Come unto me, and rest my child
You don't have to say a word

I'll be a friend as no other
You'll never be lonely again
Just let go of your loneliness
And invite me to come in!

It was Jesus the Savior of all
calling out to my heart
Give me all of your troubles
You now can have a new start!

Betty Hill


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