You ask me what do I live for
What is it I search for each day
Do I think I shall ever find it
Or is it just too far away

I live for the day I am given
That God has chosen to share
I know He has His reasons
For wanting me to be here

Life must have a purpose
What is my purpose, you ask
Mostly, it is to be worthy
Of fulfilling each and every task

One thing I live for is my family
And surely that is quite true
I live to try to set an example
Of what God would have us do

You never know who just might be watching
Nor may you know why they should care
But it seems as you learn to truly give
You somehow become so much more aware

As you wander here on life's highways
You never know what might be in store
Perhaps the days will bring wonders
Perhaps there will never be more

So who should determine your journey
When you walk for the purpose of man
You go where you are most needed
Knowing that is also part of life's plan

You see, I believe as we journey
There is a pathway that's set
And if we tend to wander
We'll live one day with regret

Living for self isn't giving
It's only taking away
If we are to be of His service
We cannot choose then to stray

God has His purpose for me
Yet, He has His purpose for you
Our paths may not cross in this life's walk
Perhaps it's not important that they do

This much I know He has taught me
That you are as important as I
And when the living is over
He will decide who shall fly

I'm certain God picks His angels
That each day a new page we write
Tomorrow I will strive to do better
If God will just be with me tonight

By Mary Anne Ray 2006
God's Little Whispers 


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