What Can The Matter Be?

Is it me, I call and call and no answer
What can the matter be?
I fumbled through my phone numbers
Oops, I must put on my glasses to see

I rang on my speed dial and no reply
I thought you didnít want to answer me
You are such a sweet angel
And realize youíre just as busy as a bee

Please call me as you can tell I lose my numbers
I know inside you think of me
But when I donít hear from you Iím blue
Please donít think of me as silly as can be!

Maybe we should just email
Because my computer knows your address
Place ďRemember me,Ē on the subject line
That will save me lots of stress

Age has nothing to do with it
My mind is just a jumble
My address book is small and gets lost
I can tell by the way I fumble

But my computer is large and easy to find
So Iíll stay online and answer my emails
I guess I wonít be silly as a bee?
As long as you give me all the details

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007
Poet N My Soul

~Humor the spice of life~
Joyceís quote

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