~ What Did I Do? ~

It was all a simple act of love,
At least that’s what I thought,
But it was badly misunderstood,
And it all became my fault.

How could it all have turned around
To become something I did wrong?
What did I do to make you think,
I was somewhere I didn’t belong?

I am still the very same person,
Who held you in my heart.
You are the one I prayed for,
And God certainly did His part.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
Whatever did I do?
But, as long as you are happy,
That is all I want for you.

So walk away and enjoy your life,
I hope you’ll find your way.
I’ll thank God for giving me,
All the joys of yesterday.

And every time I look back
And I feel my love for you,
I will always have to ask myself
And wonder, “What did I do?”


Written by Karen Bunker
© April 19, 2007

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