~ What Freedom Cost ~

The GI goes to War for us
They lay their life on the line
They do it proud, without a fuss
For Freedoms of yours and mine.

Sometimes the Battle may be won
And sometimes it may be lost
Sometimes the Battlefield at dawn
Will reveal the horrible cost.

Some were buried where they fell
Might have a white cross o’er their head
Some in places, where many markers tell
The stories of those Military dead.

They fight on land and sea, in air
Wherever they’re told to go
In far off places, “over there”
Where we see their sense of Duty show.

We Honor them with Monuments
Pat their back and give them praise
We love our Warriors some moments
But forget them during Peaceful days.

In War and Peace they Sacrifice
Leave loved ones for months on end
For little pay, they pay a price
That most can’t comprehend.

Not always in agreement
With all the powers that be
But without any argument
They’ll fight the fight for you and me.

Before our young come of age
Or can have a drink or vote
They just may write a history page
And there are many we could quote.

So, to those who serve our country
Who protect us from every foe
In a message from you and me
We must make sure each of them know

They are in our heart and mind
And we thank them for their loyalty
They are a special breed and kind
Who defend this Land of the Free.

Now on this Memorial Day
Let us honor all those Heroes lost
Who gave their all, in such a way
To remind us all, what Freedom cost.

Del “Abe” Jones © 05-08-2005


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