~ What God Made ~

Soft, rippling pond reflects the face
To, boundless sky and time and space
A single soul could ne'er replace
What God made

A feathered bird of pristine white
Content to glide, so high in flight
So patiently awaits the night
That God will make

The universe, it's edge unknown
In stately wonder, overgrown
Stars, upon night’s dress are sewn
That’s what God made

In vestiges of earth’s domain
Where every day might seem the same
It spins and spins, and some complain
About what God made

Yet, like that bird so calm, so still
We ne’er complain at all, until
We have a need for God to fill
Thus, someday there will be a bill

For what God made

Faerie's Heart Songs
© Tracy R. Cardinet 2007

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