~ What Goes Around Comes Around ~

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Another day begun
Another day to laugh and play
And, with the wind, to run

Sometimes, when alarm clock chimes
It summons us to work
Other times are meant for rhymes,
Days off are such a perk

There is a time for everything
A reason for each season
For living things, that time is spring
Though summertime is pleasin'

Autumn comes, new hues imbue
Gold, rust and yellow red
Time for thanks, for blessings too
Hungry tummies will be fed

Mom's stuffing calls for walnuts
Or pecans, if in a rush
The vibrancy of fall does
Fade away in winter's hush

Tree limbs grow so bare and lonely
As Jack Frost comes to call
That's when I wish for only
A few bright leaves of fall

Still, beautiful is winter's frock
Pristine-white 'n glistening
Songbirds fly off with their flock
As I refrain from listening

Then, once again, it does begin
Joyous, cyclic transformation
Buds spring to life, anew, my friend
Mother nature's celebration

So let clocks tick , it won't be long
'Til spring comes 'round once more
Then I will thrill to songbird's song
Just like I did before

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2007


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