~What Happens To The Words~


Whatever happens to the words
All the words we'd like to say
The ones caught tightly in our throat
Emotions steal away

What happens to those tender words
That never get conveyed
Right to the very heart
That needed them today

Where do words go meant to be
Yet forgotten over time
Never reaching their true destiny
A lonely soul to find

Whatever happens to the sorry words
That are kidnapped by pride
Stymied by a frozen wall
The solid stoic kind

How will I love you words be kept
If they are never said
Drowned out by a busy life
Remembered only in regret

What happens to the gentle words
Of encouragement hearts need
When occupied with many things
And not with planting seeds

But, what happens to those special words
If given all away
Oh, so many folks are loved
If sweet words are shared today

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

There is beauty all around
and especially in a friend
we can find life very sweet
if we tell them Now and Then

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