~ What is a Hero? ~

What is a Hero, you ask me my friend,
What is a Hero, well let me begin...
Heroes are the soldiers in far-off lands
They're soldiers holding fallen comrades' hands

A hero is someone who risks life or limb,
Someone else's life, is all that matters to him.
A hero uses his body, as a human shield
In the front line for a buddy, on a battle field.

A hero is a patrolman, who walks your streets
Or a fireman who fights fires, with extreme heat.
A hero is the ambulance driver, who rescues a friend,
A hero risks his life, over and over again.

A hero doesn't stand out in the crowd,
It's not what he does, that makes him proud.
You just never know the time or the place,
That we might actually see a hero's face.

To be a hero is not something he trains for,
It's not his duty, or even his chore.
It's a split-second decision to save a brother,
Maybe a sister, or even a Mother.

Sometimes it's the hero who has to die,
We may never understand the reasons why
That heroes do the things they do,
But sometimes they give their life for you.

If I was given a wish, I know would come true,
I'd ask for a holiday for all the fallen heroes too.
The heroes who save someone's life each day
Need to be remembered, each time we pray.

So God Bless the Soldier, the Fireman too,
God Bless the Policeman and God Bless You.
God Bless all our emergency crew,
What a wonderful job, they all do.

Heroes are made out of glory and guts
And there are just no ifs and ands or buts
Heroes arise from the ordinary man
Designed and fashioned by God's loving hands

It's not the Hero, it's what makes the Hero !!!

Brenda D King 2005


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