~ What Is Love? ~

Unless I show you I love you
How will you know?
I do not need to say to you day after day
"I love you." because
By my actions you will have recognition:

My way of loving may be different from yours
Through my eyes you can see my heart?
And read my thoughts
Love, comparable to all seasons,
can be determined :

Spring, a season of growth,
Such is love,
Summer, the season of warmth,
Such is love,
Autumn, the season of color,
Such is love,
Winter oh Winter;
Winter, the season of hardship,
Such is love 

Why, when we as parents, turn an age
Our children set the stage...
"Do you have?  May I borrow?
"I'm in a bind, can you help me out?"
All to our sorrow
They turn their back and walk away
Endues forgetting;
What kind of a parent would I be if I
Asked them to return the gifts?
After all, a gift is just that, a gift?

 Never taking a second glance
 Time takes it's leave;  they never stay.
Life, as the blooms of spring, soon fades away.
I have my faults, don't we all?
Who said I was perfect?
I too stumble and fall,

 Who has said, Stop time!
Stand still; don't come until I call!
Not me!  The older I get the less I know,
But this one thing I understand for sure
 Death knocks on everyone's door.

It's then, all too late,
to wish we had spoken those three precious
 Words more often, melodic as a song,

I truly love you...I honestly do.





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