~ Beautiful Peace ~
May the beauty of the Lord
Rest softly on your heart today
As His peace so gently overflows
In all you do and say

~ Spirit Joy ~
May the Spirit of the Lord
Unfold within your soul today
To glow with joyous wonder
As you take wing upon His way

~ Glorious Kindness ~
May the glory of the Lord
Be the touch that you impart
As the kindness of His life
Blossoms in your heart

~ Sweet Love ~
May every moment that you live
Reveal a sweetness from above
To bloom upon your pathway
In everlasting love

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

I can sense it in the sunrise; I can feel it through the day;
I can see it in the blessings, that are graced upon my way -
It's the love and care of Jesus, that I sense and feel and see,
And it fills my heart with gladness, that He watches over me.
Michael Dubina


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