~ What Must A Man Do? ~

Have you ever had a man, speak to you, words of love?
Whispers of desire, lustful passions, with fantasies thought of?
Have you ever been pursued, sought after; with romance in mind?
Hopeful intentions, that, true love's what you'll find!

When I look to your direction, I'm simply mystified
Please don't be afraid, there's really no reason to hide.
The smile that you share shows you love to live!
In your eyes is a sparkle, found only; in those that give.

To describe your appeal, the word Sexy comes to mind
To hold you in my arms, I'd do faithfully, for a lifetime.
What... must a Man do, to win the love in your heart?
Maybe writing you a love poem, would be one way to start?

What would I need do, to have you notice me?
To see within my eyes, all our possibilities!
What would it take, to allow our lips to meet?
A kiss so soft but passionate, it sweeps you off your feet!

Have you ever had a man, make passionate love, totally to you?
To awaken your desires, as he makes all your fantasies come true.
To map your sweet body, with his hands and his tongue
Finding your secret places, making you sigh and moan with fun.

Goose bumps and chills, arise on your flushed skin
Starting with kisses to your neck… That’s how, I'd begin.
Spending many hours, inspiring, and, sedating your lust
Creating deep in your heart, both love, coupled with trust.

To show that you'll never… for a moment, have to doubt
Of devoted fidelity, or what true love is about!
To be the architect of your smiles, is just one of his many roles
Or, helping you to reach for the stars, and attaining all your goals!

To be your best-friend and lover, you’re one half of two
With the heart that’s able to hold, all the love meant for you
Have I awoken your wonder, of what life’s possibilities could be?
If ever you choose to risk loving… a simple man, like me!

© Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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