~ What To Write ~
Now where do I begin this write
To say what's on my mind
To form the words so you'll enjoy
A poem that will rhyme.
I start off with a complete blank page
A pen held delicately in my hand
Thoughts go racing through my head
These words I try to command.
A subject I might pick out of the air
Or a whisper from the Lord in my ear
Starts me putting my pen to paper
To try and make my thoughts clear.
I want to take you with me
On a journey to places unknown
To experience every kind of emotion
You'll travel with me, not alone.
I want to touch your very heart
Create a story you can envision
Take you from a mundane life
And deliver you with precision.
Create a stage where life unfurls
And you are in the cast
Taking a part of the story I write
Living through someone else's past.
But, alas today, this won't happen
As my mind is cluttered with debris
Struggle as I might to find the words
These words are eluding me.


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