I look at her
And I am entranced
She whispers her name

~ Beauty ~
I know she is
I lose myself in the sweetness
watching her sparkle
I cannot but ponder on the loveliness
so soft and fair
Oblivious somehow
I draw closer to hear her silence
As I hear her whisper her name

~ Dream ~
Of golden mystery
And I drift away into her splendor
as another world comes to be
Her smile a hidden secret
tranquil and serene
I draw closer
and enjoy the solitude
As she whispers her name

~ Journey ~
and I travel with her
Far away to unknown places
I see treasure high and low
I find depths, unexplained
I fly on, mesmerized
In the wonder
I keep her flight within my soul
as she whispers her name

~ Miracle ~
And I am carried into unknown realms
Heavenly places
where hurts are healed by grace divine
And I come to know a love
In the giving of the blessed One
For in her, I see reflected
a truth of purest light
The reality of the Creator
His everlasting life

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005


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