~ What Will Heaven Be ~

I wonder what heaven will be
This question I often ponder
What will our Jesus look like
There in our home up yonder.

Will I be able to stand tall for him
Or will I hang my head in shame
Will I be wearing a crown of glory
Will I glow like a candle's flame.

Will all of my friends be there
Will they welcome me with love
Will we recognize each other
When we reach our home above.

Will my family be waiting for me
On that beautiful, glorious day
Will we celebrate with such joy
Or will they cast me far away.

Oh friend, won't you tell me truly
Will it be the way that they say
Will we no longer suffer with pain
On that most awesome, glorious day.

I do not know what it will be like, friend
On that final journey from this World
I hope my name is written in His book
And that I've been the best friend I could.

Written By Sandy Edwards

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