What Your Friendship Does To Me

Your friendship just picks me up
When I am feeling so very down
Your smile will brighten the way
When all I know to do is frown

Your friendship thrills my heart
Your love fills my heart with glee
Like a soft warm blanket of love
Your friendship wraps around me

When I am feeling so very weak
Your love eases my lonely fears
You share your strength with me
Your friendship dries all my tears

Your friendship causes my heart
To soar high above the mountain
For you bring out the best in me
You're refreshing like a fountain

And I know that I have touched
Someone so full of God's grace
For you have touched my spirit
E'er I reach out to touch your face

I know that our friendship
Will never, never perish
For you are my best friend
With you I feel so cherished

Janice Jeanette Kennedy June, 2007

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