Whatever happened to myself
To end up in this place
Where went my mobility
What tripped up my race
Where has all the freedom gone
To run just as I please
What of my way now
Is there something to appease

Can I find more treasure yet
In another way to live
Will I ever see with different eyes
Another way begin
Would God be choosing me
To especially dwell within
Revealing sweeter hidden secrets
Of another love to give

How I love the stillness now
Of listening to the birds
To watch, observe and ponder life
The existence of true worth
The value of a life to live
The time upon this earth
How God is wanting my relationship
And chose my humble birth

To place Himself deep in my soul
To give up asking why
But rest upon His loving self
As none else will satisfy

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2006


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When we are suffering, we plead for our Father's assurance that everything will be okay.
Suffering hearts need a person, not an answer
You can endure almost anything if you know God is right next to you.
God has good reasons for what he does, and his answer to our suffering is Himself.
I rejoice with him whose pain my Savior heals.
And I weep with him who still his anguish feels.
But earthly joys and earthly tears are confined to earthly years,
And greater good, the Word of God reveals.
In this life we have a cross that we must bear;
Itís just a tiny part of Jesusí death that we can share.
And one day weíll lay it down, ícause Heís promised us a crown
To which our suffering can never be compared.

Thatís why Heaven is nearer to me, and at times it is all I can see.
Sweet music I hear, coming down to my ear,
And I know that itís playing for me.
For I am Christ the Saviorís own bride,
And redeemed I shall stand by His side.
He will say, ďShall we dance?Ē and our endless romance
Will be worth all the tears I have cried
Joni And Friends

A Victory Through Suffering