~ When A Door Closes ~

When the door has closed on something
And, the future's looking bleak,
Let's breathe out all the sorrow
And breathe in all we need.
There's a beauty that can pass us by
If we hunker at that door,
Pushing it to open
When it's usefulness is gone.

Life has times of more and less
A balance over time,
To discover all the sweetness
In all that is divine.
Divine, is in the resting
On greater thoughts than mine,
Knowing that the Father
Has more for me to find.

And how shall we then search
Unless we have a need,
A need for something greater
Than all that's always been.
For we only stop to ponder
When a curve ball comes our way,
To make us re-construct, consider
What really is our stay.

So, let's not fight the changes
But, embrace them in the flow,
The challenges of life
That teach us more to know.
On who is the Provider
The source of all we have,
And what would He be asking
When He sees us feeling sad.

So let's think up every question
Reply then with a sigh,
Lord, I cannot cope, take over
I shall not wonder why.
But, breathe in of Your Spirit
To give me perfect peace,
So, all the hurt and thrashing
Within my heart shall cease.

Then, I will place the future
Securely in Your hands,
It is not for me to worry
When You're forming a new plan.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009

The foundation of the believer's peace is everlasting;
it is what no time, no change can destroy.
It will remain when the body dies; it will remain when
the mountains depart and the hills shall be removed,
and when the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.
The fountain of His comfort shall never be diminished,
and the stream shall never be dried.
His comfort and joy is a living spring in the soul, a well of
water springing up to everlasting life.
~ Jonathan Edwards ~


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