~ When All the Roses Are in Bloom ~
by: O' Puppy

Time heals, they say, and all will pass
Like frost upon a window glass
The hurt inside a heart that cries
Is temporary to the eyes

When storm clouds fill a sky above
They're pushed away by winds of love
A rainbow smiles with colors bright
Assuring us that all is right

And so it was our paths would cross
As morning dew lay on the moss
The loneliness that ruled for years
We washed away, that night, with tears

A dream I never thought...came true
When God held out His hands with you
And gave my heart a love unknown
That I could call my very own

Oh, gentle love I long to meet
To touch the skin of one so sweet
And kiss your lips beneath the moon
When all the roses are in bloom

Ronnie D. Shreve
Copyright 2003 used with permission


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