~ When Death Came Knocking ~

Come on in, we were expecting you.
We've been waiting and knew
you would be visiting soon,
for a relative, whom only they could see,
came by earlier to share wondrous things to be.

Imagine our surprise as we listened
to a conversation between the two,
words meant only for our dear one's ear,
Marvelous, wondrous, things
that only they could hear.

"I want to go home," I heard them say,
to a home where there is no night
but only day,
To a home where the Glory of God shines,
where flows the River of Life,
A home where all tears will be dried,
a home were dwells no more
pain, sorrow, or strife.

"Yes, it won't be long now," I replied,
as I kissed their cheek,
wiped their forehead,
and cried.

Janice Bumbalough Marler 2003

1 Peter 1: 24

Your Spirit Lives On
Our beloved.

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