~When I Get There, I'll Wait for You~

Gentle departure, sunset hues
Faintest-pink in twilight's gown
Heralds in night, also the blues
Crescent moon becomes a frown

Oh linger yet, you sweet sunset
For I have need of sherbet paint
Don't fade to blue, don't leave regret
Lest my will, too, should become faint

Throughout the years, no doubts, no fears
Old bird . . . his wing I sheltered under
Loved and cherished, he dried my tears
Now God has put it all asunder

Cooking just for me, sweet travesty
And usually, all in one pot
Dishes, I don't dirty you see
For, now, I'm all that I've got

He promised he'd love me, be here forever
But forever ended far too soon
So I, now, beg the sunset to never
Give way to the light of moon

Horizon swallows last vestige of day
Inking the sky a beautiful blue
The last words he spoke, I heard him say,
"When I get there, I'll wait for you"

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2007

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