~ When I Think Of Love ~

When I think of love
I always think of you
You make my world so bright
with everything you do

Like a lighthouse in a storm,
a shining light of hope
With you, I'm safe and warm;
with you, I always cope

God made you just for me,
and then He broke the mold
Your heart holds my destiny;
with you I will grow old

Our children will be raised with love
- of this, I can be sure
We'll teach them love, every day,
because our love is pure

When they are grown, babes of their own,
we won't fuss or cry
For then will be our time alone,
though we won't be as spry

I'll know then, as I know now,
our love will last forever
Even when we leave this world,
My love will leave you, never

So let us laugh and sing and dance,
while our love is new
We've years to love, to share romance;
tonight, I just want you

Hold me close, beneath the moon,
and whisper in my ear
Those little words that make me swoon
and, sometimes, bring a tear

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008


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