Hearts will warm, a tingle go
When lovers meet
The world will twirl and spin
While hearts yet miss a beat
When lovers meet
The sky will fill with light
Like fireworks ablaze
And stars that steal the night
When lovers meet
The knees give way
As cheeks too flame aglow
So much to say, yet still
When lovers meet
Dry toast becomes a feast
A cottage all a mansion
Naught else the eyes can see
When lovers meet
The whole world smiles with you
There's nothing sweeter yet
Than lovers when they meet
Oh 'tis forever true


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Love says I have fallen into you;
 into the heart that loves me
as no other has before... or ever will again.
Into the love that holds me in the arms of forever.
I've fallen into the love of you; and I will never ask why.


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