Precious Children


~ When Someone Asks Why ~

When someone asks Why you believe in God,
or how can He ever be?
Just give a smile, or a helping hand
This will help enable them to see

If someone asks you why
You always place faith in Heaven above
Look upon them with a tender heart
As everyone was created from God's great love

It doesn't matter how much we're questioned
Or how much others doubt He's even near
What matters most is that we show His love
Be God's example while we're here

To show a non-believer the truth of God's existence
Takes more than you, or I could ever do
But with Jesus shining through us
We can touch many hearts, and lead them through

Let God's light shine within your soul
Plant faith in others, as a mustard seed
Trust that God will speak His word within a heart
Then let Him take the lead

We can't always win someone to God
As God knows we're sometimes weak
So when someone questions "Who is God"
Help them find answers, help them seek

When someone asks you Why you believe in God,
or how can He ever be?
Just give a smile, and tell them lovingly
He saved a sinner, and that was me.

Debbie Looney 6/1/2005
Copyright Dream World of Inspiration
All rights reserved.


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