~ When Today From Yesterday ~

When today, from yesterday
You may be feeling sad,
Your eyes filled up with tears.
Your mind o'er come with fears
I pray our Father's comfort
For I am just too far.

So softly He will come
Hushed in the morning light,
To rest His hand
Upon thine own
Enough, to fill your heart, alone
With whispered words of love

To still your heart
Becalm your raging soul,
Just so you will know
You are loved,
It is all done,
You are His very own.

So, cry those needful tears
That must be shed this day
The hurt you feel,
The ache atone,
To lead you onward, upward, where
You are never more alone.

May each trembling teardrop
Plant a seed to germinate,
A hope to radiate
To lift your eyes, a smile to come,
For you are borne for aye
Upon eternal wings of love.


Soft whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2009

Divine love is perfect peace and joy, a freedom from all disquiet,
in all content. Love is the Christ of God; the
blessing of every life, a redeemer from all,
a fulfiller of all righteousness, and a peace of God, which passeth all
understanding...the full birth of His
spirit of love. For when HE is, the coldness and
darkness are overcome by the breaking forth of eternal light.
William Law

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