When We Are Called Home

When we are called home, what glory there awaits us?
When we are called home, what joy will we behold?
Standing on high, beside our Savior Jesus.
When we are called home, what beauty will unfold?

I long to see, the face of my sweet Savior,
As He awaits, his arms outstretched to me.
I will smile bright, as I behold Him waiting,
And hold His hand, that bought my liberty.

On that sweet day, as angels take me to Him,
Please do not mourn, for Victory will be mine.
As I behold the others gone before me,
And await the day when we're together one more time.

Karen Bunker August 16, 2007

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Midi "Oh Lord You're Beautiful"
Written by Keith Green
Arr. & Sequenced by JJ Johnson


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