~ Where Dwells Paradise? ~

We're endlessly searching for Paradise.
Doth it hide within the morning's kiss?
Is it content to rest within the fading sun,
or dwell in the stars, as if it were a wish?

Forever existing in the slumber of night,
Avalon will never be sensed in the dark.
From your vision it continues to hide.
Your creative image supplies it's spark.

Doth it float amongst the clouds?
Perchance it blends with the living trees.
Is it a part of their intriguing shapes?
Maybe it's kept in their cooling breeze.

Might it be lodged in the heavens
or perhaps here on earth below?
Possibly it's hidden in ocean caves
where the tides of currents flow.

Paradise can linger in a heart beat,
suspended in a gossamer silhouette.
Closing your eyes, can you glimpse it?
Is Paradise for you, a haunting minuet?

Joyful Jan
May 2010


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