~ Where Wonder Is ~

When...it all becomes too loud
Clamoring 'pon heart and ear
That's when it's time to stay quite still
Draw aside to soothe the fear
For life can soon o'ershadow
With uncertainty and strife
It's then, to stop and listen
For all that's good and right

We cannot cease the barrage
Of thought and struggle yet
But, our Father has the power
To truly give us rest
For there is nothing in this world
To calm a battered soul
But, sitting still with Jesus
Will surely make us whole

As we stop and pause with Him
To allay our every fear
He gives the very miracle
We're longing to draw near
Lean in, upon His tender heart
For all He is within
Breathe in, breathe out, relax
And very soon, you'll sing

It is there, is found the wonder
Where wonder is in all
Simply in His blessed peace
Is where we are made whole

Softly whispered from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

"Giver of gifts, thank you.
When I was young and knew nothing,
I asked for the sun....
You gave me a candle
which I put in my pocket,
and now...a lifetime later,
I found the match."
John Squadra
From his book 'This Ecstasy'


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