~ While ~

While a waft of wispy wind whispers to the trees
Let the sunlight find you friend,
desperate to please

While a hand, still little be, wants to hold your own
Take it in your hand, you'll see --
not good to be alone.

While an old dog grunts and moans, lying at your feet
Think on when you brought pup home,
little and so sweet

While the ocean begs you come, tempts you with her deep
Listen for her song at night,
as you fall asleep

While the mountains teem with life, jutting to the sky
Forget your woes, your angst, your strife;
do not question why

While this ball of Earth spins, 'round and 'round each day
Let your child - your laughter, mirth -
come outside and play

While the wild birds take to flight, winging to and fro
Sit with me, my friend,
twilight-watching, as they go

While the moon rests on the night, smiling bright above
Let your heart own to the light,
let it own to love

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet




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