~ Whirlwinds Of Life ~

As a mighty whirlwind he makes his way,
Leaving destruction in his path.
The conqueror of all thatís good and just,
He seeks to devour with wrath.

But he canít win, there is no way,
That this wickedness can prevail.
For God alone will win this fight,
And the whirlwind will be in Hell.

~ * ~

The whirlwind thinks he has all control,
As he throws his darts at Godís own.
But one day soon he will finally fall,
As he faces our God on His throne.

He doesnít even have half a chance,
No matter what he might try to do.
Our Divine God will have the great victory,
And the whirlwind will be broken in two.

~ * ~

Godís love for His children is greater than all,
And He always carries us through.
The trials that we live bring the lessons of life,
And teach us each what to do.

From mountain to valleys we walk through the storms,
As our God reaches out to us all.
Heíll always guide and give us the strength,
If we trust Him not let us fall.

~ * ~

So when the whirlwinds knock on your doors,
And the trials bring their heartaches to you,
Remember your Savior and cling to His hand,
Trust in God and He'll see you through.

For God has not given us the spirit of fear,
But of power and of love and sound mind.
Our God from His Heaven says from above,
ďThe battle is not yours, it is Mine.Ē

~ * ~

Written by Karen Bunker
Revised April 10, 2010

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