~ Who But Jesus ~

There are days when we feel we are sinking
And can not pull ourselves up any more
Then is the time to call on the Master
He'll do for you, as He did for Peter before

Peter stepped out in the water by faith
But like mortal man, He started to sink
But God was right there in His hour of need
Lifted him out, and caused him to think

Just how close we need to walk
By the side of our Master so dear
If we never are able to walk on water
We still must walk with Him here

So if you are feeling you need someone now
Call out, in Jesus' great name
He'll hear your cry and lift you up high
You are safe now because Jesus came

Who but the Lord could be of such help
In our darkest hour of need?
Lift your heart to Him, and give Him the praise,
Your desperate cries He will heed!


Betty Hill 2007

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