~ Who Has Written Freedom? ~

Who has written Freedom,
The liberty of our land?
Who inscribed with blood,
And penned it with their hand?

Who has borne the sorrow,
Suffered pangs to give it birth?
Who has written meaning,
Breathed in life to give it worth?

'Tis the Patriot and Soldier
Who serve to make men free,
'Tis the Airman and Sailor
Who write our Liberty…

Our Freedom's boldly etched
By the bravest of our land,
Emblazoned on our hearts-
But written by their hand…

No, we shall not forget
That our Freedom's stamped in red,
Inscriptions from our Soldiers,
The Living and the Dead-

May God uphold them always
As they pay the great demand…
For yes…we live in Freedom-
But written by their hand!

Sharon Frye © 2005
Heroes of the Heart

Dedicated to SPC Lacee Larson
Serving our country in Iraq,
God Bless the USA!

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