~ Who? ~

Who bowed down upon this earth
And took His Mighty hand
And gently formed the ash and dust
To create this mortal man?

And who took His Holy Breath
And breathed life into this man;
Then took the time to make for each
A loving, guiding plan?

Who knows now, and always has,
What all our needs may be?
Who knew so many years before
There ever was a need?

Who's watching over every move,
Each step our feet may trod?
Only One could do this all-
Our Mighty Father God!

Who clothes us, feeds us and
Who knows each beat of every heart?
Who's always watching over us,
And has been from the start?

Who will put no more on us
Than each of us can bear?
And lets us know each second
How very much He cares?

Who will take our souls back home
When we're laid beneath the sod?
Our Abba, Iam, Yawa, GLORIOUS
MIGHTY Father God!


Lynn King 2005

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
and all things shall be added unto you....."
Matthew 6:33


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